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Quake Aerowalk in Minecraft


Perfect father and son summer project - remake Quake maps in Minecraft. We started with the classic duel map Aerowalk. Our map (called Aeroblock) was created with particular attention to scale and proportion. The goal was to make a reasonable replica which would play like the original. A custom quake inspired resource pack was created to complete the mood.  The teleporters all work via command blocks and the MineQuake plugin provides fun instagib action. It's amazing how much like Aerowalk this map feels. Download the map and resource pack here:

Quaketown Aeroblock (ZIP) - contains the map, plugins, resource pack, and license.





Realtime Wind Visualization at

Super cool realtime wind visualization map by Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg at Fernanda and Martin lead Google's "Big Picture" visualization research group in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Critical Care Comics at the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival

Founded by Leukemia survivor Jason Golden, Critical Care Comics distributes donated back issues and used comic books to children's hospitals in southern Nevada and Arizona. They are currently raising funds to acquire 501c non-profit status.


Minecraft as an Urban Planning Tool: Mojang's Block by Block

Mojang and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme have formed an interesting partnership which utilizes Minecraft as an urban and space planning tool. This is yet another testament to the immense flexibility of the Minecraft system.


AILV Team Production Texture Blending Prototype in Unity3D

This is a simple test of the texture blending shader I developed for the current AILV Team Production crew. The shader respects alpha channels and smoothly transitions from one texture to another. In the example below, the textures are controlled by player proximity. Click on the image below and use the arrow keys to control the player. I am hoping to release the source code for the shader after the project is complete next year.

<div align="center"> This content requires the Unity Web Player<br /><br /> <a href="">Install the Unity Web Player today!</a> </div>



This is my second posting of student texturing work from my classes at AILV. All the textures were created from scratch. As usual, the models were provided. Nice work guys!


Jake Cordova - GAD306 Lighting & Texture. Pirate Pistol in Unity3D.


Kevin Picotte - GAD306 Lighting & Texture. Pirate Pistol in Unity3D.


Ed Magdaleno - GAD202 Game Texturing. Old Tires in Unity3D.


Jeremie Alba - GAD202 Game Texturing. Old Tires in Unity3D.


Joe Wildberger - GAD202 Game Texturing. Old Tires in Unity3D.


Frank Etemadamini - GAD214 Game Modeling. Chainsaw in Maya.


Jake Cordova - GAD214 Game Modeling. Guillotine in Maya.


Ryan Souza - GAD214 Game Modeling. Pineapple Grenade in Maya.


Visions of Zosimos is on kickstarter!

Visions of Zosimos is a Hero Engine powered hex grid Massively Multiplayer Online Collectible Card Game. One of my students, David Staats, has been involved with the project since the beginning. They presented the game at GDC2012 alongside the Hero Engine folks. Click here to contribute to their kickstarter campaign and help bring another cool indie game to the masses!


Particle Emission From Intersected Surfaces

This is a particle emission test created in Maya2012 using intersected collision meshes as surface emitters. The initial rigid body sim was created with Dynamica and the resulting baked meshes were duplicated and intersected with a ground plane. The baked meshes were then repurposed as Nucleus passive colliders - to give the emitted particles natural behavior. This system is imperfect, but suitable for many FX applications. 

Download the Maya scene file here:


AILV Student Work Fall 2011 - GAD306

This student work is from my GAD306 Texture and Lighting class. The model was provided, but ALL the texturing, shading, and lighting was created from scratch. Nice work!


Deanna Bono:


Farrokh (Frank) Etemadamini:


Nathan Miller:


Ryan Souza:


Art of Destruction on fxguide

Mike Seymour of has published a comprehensive article about visual effects Destruction pipelines used in film production. Amoung many others, he interviewed me about my role as a developer on Dynamica, the open source Bullet Physics plugin for Maya. At his request, I cut a new breakdown video based on the materials from my Siggraph talk.

Find the article here:



Light Painting by Captain Blithering (Christopher Renfro)

Check this sweet Photoshopless long exposure photography by Captain Blithering (Christopher Renfro).


Thumbwar by Paul Richards - not new, but still great.

This concept art boot camp article by Paul Richards is based his workshop sessions on the theory and practice of thumbnailing. It features good/bad examples, many time tested tips, and the excellent COMBAT SIM I VIRTUAL ART DIRECTOR (pictured below). The lessons here apply to all artistic disciplines. Go get some:


2011 Humble Bundle - Get Yours Now!

Pay what you want. Support charity. Get awesome games. It's that simple - you have no excuse. Giddyup!

Sep272011 - Browser Gaming at it's Finest

Canvas Rider ( is an addictive game where you ride a bike on tracks drawn by other players. After playing for a while try searching for the "auto" tracks - these require no user control, but instead exploit the various forces and collisions supported by the game - you will see amazing stunts no human player could possibly perform.



Dōn B Late - AILV 3D Visual Effects Design - Summer 2011 Class Project

This short VFX film was made by the students in my 3D Visual Effects Design class at AILV. The FX goal was to bring an object to life using strictly practical effects. We started with one simple constraint: bring a chair to life. They did the rest - story development, pre-production, and production. We finalized the edit together in class. Great results from first year students!




James Bridle has created a rather interesting browser map experience called Rorschmap. Find it at and be sure to try the randomizer and also zoom in now and then - you will not be disappointed.


Siggraph 2011: Destruction Dynamics for Film and Game Production

I'll be presenting at the Siggraph 2011 session titled: Destruction Dynamics for Film and Game Production.

Update 08-17-2011: Here is the intro video from my presentation, it showcases content created with Dynamica. Also Dynamica v2.78 has been released, get it here:

The topic of my talk is Authoring Destruction With Dynamica - the open source Bullet Physics plugin for Maya. Joining me will be: 

  • Erwin Coumans 
    Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
  • Takahiro Harada
    Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
  • Nafees Bin Zafar
    DreamWorks Animation
  • Mark Carlson
    DreamWorks Animation
  • Brice Criswell
    Industrial Light & Magic
  • Phil Knight
    Disney Interactive Studios

You can find more info at the course page here:


The Sandpit by Sam O'Hare

It's hard not to like this miniature/stop mo/fake rack focus stuff. Here's a great example by director/photographer/vfx artist Sam O'Hare:

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.



Koko's Earth Control (1928)

In honor of the recently averted apocalypse...



Mark Hogencamp, recovering from brain damage, created Marwencol - a 1/6th scale ficticious World War II era town. The documentary from Independent Lens is available now.