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MB_dynamica advanced workflow

Download MB_dynamicaUI.0.9.2 (ZIP)

MB_dynamicaUI extends the default feature set of the Dynamica (Bullet Physics) plugin for Autodesk® Maya® with tools designed for pre-shatter (voronoi etc) rigid body workflows. These tools are exposed in version 0.9.6 as additional tabs - Build, Constrain, Activate, Bake, and polyCutter:

  • Build: Create active or passive rigid bodies of the Hull or Mesh type from an arbitrary number of source meshes - with a user specified collision margin. Pre-keyed objects are supported.
  • Constrain: Automatically generate constraints between rigidbodies. Four connect methods are supported: Nearest Neighbor, Farthest Neighbor, Random, and Axis Gradient
  • Activate: Create complex rigid body activation effects using Axis Gradients, Radial Gradients, and 3D Textures.
  • Bake: Store simulations as clean optimized keyframe sequences for the next phase of production.
  • PolyCutter: slice polygon meshes with NURBS surfaces

Notes and a mini-tutorial are included in the download.

Coming Soon! Advanced MB_dynamicaUI workflows. Sneak peak at what Dynamica can do: